Advantages of Human Resource Audit

Advantages of Human Resource management

Several benefits associated with Human Resource audit are listed below. An audit reminds members of the HR department and others of its contribution, creating a more professional image of the department among managers and specialists. The audit helps clarify the department’s role and leads to greater uniformity, especially in the geographically scattered and decentralized HR functions of large organizations. Perhaps most important, it finds problems and ensures compliance with a variety of laws and strategic plans in an organization.

  • Identifies the contribution of the Human Resource department to the organization
  • Improves the professional image of the Human Resource department.
  • Encourages greater responsibility and professionalism among members of the Human Resource department.
  • Clarifies the HR department’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Stimulates uniformity of HR policies and practices.
  • Finds critical HR problems.
    Ensures timely compliance with legal requirements.
  • Reduces human resource costs through a more effective Human Resource procedure.
  • Creates increased acceptance of needed change in the Human Resource department.
  • Requires thorough review of Human Resourcedepartment’s information system

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