COVID 19 Precautions For Business Leaders

We Are In This Together And We Will Get Out Of This Together.

– Antonio Guterres
Secretary-General Of United Nations

Dear Business Leader,

Our routines are changing as our lives are upheaved by the changes brought by COVID-19. We are entering a ‘new normal‘.In these unprecedented times of COVID 19, we have to take precautions – the Lockdown and subsequent ‘ Work from Home’ situations. There may be several compelling Challenges People Face and we pin-pointed these challenges faced by HR and Business Leaders.

We have listed some of the challenges faced by business leaders during these tough times:-

  1. Crisis Communication Handling
  2. Legal/ Compliance Handling
  3. Reorganisation and Manpower Rationalization
  4. Build Resilience, Employee Morale and Engagement.
  5. Enabling Work from Home Technology and Productivity.
  6. Managing Employee Anxiety, Emotional Well-being and Health.
  7. Business Continuity Planning SOPs for Robust recovery post Covid-19
  8. Managing Performance, Growth, Rewards during Covid-19 Crisis.
  9. Leveraging Current Adversity for Culture Building, Innovation and New Thinking.
  10. Best Practices and Policies Sharing from Practical Experiences.
  11. Coaching for Talent Development, New Talent Pool identification, Entry-level Talent Handling and Employer Brand.

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Regards, Team BMC

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